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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country Journal Of Medicinal Plants Research 1996-0875 1996-0875 Nigeria Journal Of Medical Laboratory And Diagnosis 2141-2618 2141-2618 Nigeria Journal Of Medical Genetics And Genomics 2141-2278 2141-2278 Nigeria Journal Of Diabetes And Endocrinology 2141-2685 2141-2685 Nigeria Journal Of Dentistry And Oral Hygiene 2141-2472 2141-2472 Nigeria Journal Of Clinical Pathology And Forensic Medicine 2141-2405 2141-2405 Nigeria Journal Of Clinical Immunology And Immunopathology Research 1996-0816 1996-0816 Nigeria Journal Of Cell Biology And Genetics 2141-6516 2141-6516 Nigeria Journal Of Cancer Research And Experimental Oncology 2141-2243 2141-2243 Nigeria Journal Of AIDS And HIV Research 2141-2359 2141-2359 Nigeria


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