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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country International Journal of Food and Nutritional Science 2377-0619 2377-0619 USA Journal of Heart and Cardiology 2378-6914 2378-6914 USA Journal of Nanotechnology and Materials Science 2377-1372 2377-1372 USA Journal of Anesthesia and Surgery 2377-1364 2377-1364 USA International Journal of Cancer and Oncology 2377-0902 2377-0902 USA Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics 2377-1313 2377-1313 USA International Journal of Neurology and Brain Disorders 2377-1348 2377-1348 USA Journal of Diabetes and Obesity 2376-0494 2376-0494 USA Journal of Gynecology & Neonatal Biology 2380-5595 2380-5595 USA Journal of Marine Biology and Aquaculture 2381-0750 2381-0750 USA


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