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https://cirworld.com/index.php/jns JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN NATURAL SCIENCES 2393-9257 2393-9257 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/jap JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN PHYSICS 2347-3487 2347-3487 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/ijedc INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS & DATA COMMUNICATION 2278-5620 2278-5620 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/ijrem INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN EDUCATION METHODOLOGY 2278-7690 2278-7690 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/ijdns INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DATA & NETWORK SECURITY 2319-1236 2319-1236 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/jam JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS 2347-1921 2347-1921 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/ijnpc INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NETWORKING & PARALLEL COMPUTING 2319-4529 2319-4529 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/jab JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN BIOLOGY 2347-6893 23476893 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/ijmit INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2278-5612 2278-5612 USA
https://cirworld.com/index.php/jac JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN CHEMISTRY 2321-807X 2321-807X USA