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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country  
http://www.johronline.com/harmonizedscience.html JOURNAL OF HARMONIZED RESEARCH IN PHARMACY NA 2321-0958 INDIA
http://www.ijghc.com/ International Journal of Green and Herbal Chemistry (IJGHC) nil 2278-3229 India
http://www.jecet.org/ Journal of Environmental science, computer science and engineering & technology (JECET) nil 2278-179X INDIA
http://www.jcbsc.org/ Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences (JCBPSC) nil 2249-1929 INDIA
http://ijetae.com/ International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Online 2250–2459(Online)) INDIA
http://www.aimdrjournal.com Annals of International Medical and Dental Research 2395-2814 2395-2822 India
http://rajournals.in/index.php/ijmei-home International Journal of management and economics Invention xxxx-xxxx 2395-7220 India
http://rajournals.in/index.php/raijar-home RA Journal Of Applied Research xxxx-xxxx 2394-6709 India
http://www.apexjournal.org Research Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Management (RJAEM) 2315-8719 2315-8719 Nigeria
http://valleyinternational.net/index.php/our-jou/theijsshi The International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invention I xxxx-xxxx 2349-2031 India