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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country  
http://irj.uswr.ac.ir/ Iranian Rehabilitation Journal 1735-3602 Iran
https://jrur.ut.ac.ir/ Journal of Rural Research 7373-2008 Iran
http://jsums.medsab.ac.ir/ Journal of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences 1606-7487 Iran
http://hdq.uswr.ac.ir Health in Emergencies & Disasters Quarterly (HDQ) 2345-4210 Iran
http://www.anatomyjournal.ir/ Anatomical Sciences Journal (ASJ) 1728-6158 Iran
http://ptj.uswr.ac.ir Physical Treatments: Specific Physical Therapy Journal (PTJ) 2423-5830 Iran
http://rehabilitationj.uswr.ac.ir/ Journal of Rehabilitation (RJ) 1607-2960 Iran
http://salmandj.uswr.ac.ir Salmand: Iranian Journal of Ageing 1735-806X Iran
http://jccnc.iums.ac.ir/ Journal of Client-centered Nursing Care (JCCNC) 2476-4132 Iran
http://jpcp.uswr.ac.ir Journal of Practice in Clinical Psychology (JPCP) 2423-5822 Iran