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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country  
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/AJAS.html The Asian Journal of Animal Science 0973-4791 0976-8963 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/RJAHDS.htm Research Journal of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science 0976-5646 2231-6442 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/RKh.htm Rashtriya Krishi (Hindi) 0973-1512 2321-7979 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/RKe.htm Rashtriya Krishi (English) 0974-0759 2321-7987 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/irjaes.htm International Research Journal of Agricultural Economics and Statistics 2229-7278 2231-6434 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/IJPPHT.htm International Journal of Processing and Post Harvest Technology 0976-5638 2231-6426 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/IJPS.htm International Journal of Plant Sciences 0973-1547 0976-593X India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/IJPP.htm International Journal of Plant Protection 0974-2670 0976-6855 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/IJPE.html International Journal of Physical Education 0974-2638 0976-7924 India
http://www.researchjournal.co.in/IJMS.htm International Journal of Medical Sciences 0974-2654 0976-7932 India