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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country  
http://jbcr.in/ Journal of Biological and Chemical Research 0970-4973 2319-3077 India
http://www.jbino.com Journal of Bio Innovation NA 2277-8330 India
http://innoriginal.com/ Innoriginal: International Journal of Science 2349-7041 2349-7041 India
http://www.mintagejournals.com/ Mintage journal of pharmaceutical and medical sciences 2320-3315 2320-3315 India
http://www.ijsr.net/ International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) 0000-0000 2319-7064 India
http://www.gjrmi.com Global Journal of Research on Medicinal plants & Indigenous medicine (GJRMI) 2277-4289 India
http://www.wjert.org World Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2454-695X 2454-695X India
http://www.wjpls.org World Journal of Pharmaceutical and life sciences 2454-2229 2454-2229 India
http://www.ejpmr.com European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research 2394-3211 2394-3211 India
http://www.ejbps.com European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2349-8870 2349-8870 India