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http://www.jids.mui.ac.ir Journal of Isfahan Dental School 1735-255x 2008-6989 Iran
http://www.sciencesolve.com/joacns/index.html Journal of Algorithms, Computer Network, and Security 2413-9513 2413-8126 Austria
http://www.ajournals.com/index.php/journals/acbs Advances in Chemistry and Biochemistry Sciences 2423-6748 2423-6748 Iran
http://www.journalofzoology.com/ The Journal of Zoology Studies --- 2348-5914 India
http://journals.sbmu.ac.ir/otolaryngology Journal of Hearing Sciences and Otolaryngology 2423-7515 2423-6810 Iran
http://www.nafasjournal.ir Nafas 2322-4517 Iran
http://edupij.com/ojs/index.php/edu/index Educational Process: International Journa 2147-0901 2147-0901 Turkey
http://www.journals.ut.ac.ir Economic Research or Tahghighat - E - Eghtesadi 0039-8969 jte.ut.ac.ir Iran
http://www.journals.ut.ac.ir Economic Research (Tahghighat - E - Eghtesadi) 0039-8969 jte.ut.ac.ir IRAN
http://uijs.ui.ac.ir/jpom/index.php?slc_lang=en&slc_sid=1 production and operation management 2251-6409 2423-6950 Iran