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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country  
http://ijt.arakmu.ac.ir Iranian Journal of Toxicology 2008-2967 2251-9459 Iran
http://www.goums.ac.ir/mljgoums/index.php?slc_lang=en&sid=1 Medical Laboratory Journal 1735-9007 2322-2816 Iran
http://nmj.mums.ac.ir Nanomedicine Journal 2322-3049 2322-5904 Iran
http://teb.police.ir/ Journal of Police Medicine 2228-6241 2383-3483 Iran
http://www.ijnd.ir International Journal of Nano Dimension 2008-8868 2228-5059 IRAN
http://womenshealthbulletin.com/?page=home Women's Health Bulletin 2345-5136 2382-9990 Iran
http://www.jhr.ssu.ac.ir journal of community haelth research 2322-5688 2345-2609 Iran
http://journals.sbmu.ac.ir/index.php/ijmtfm International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine 2251-8762 2251-8770 Iran
http://www.synergypublishers.com/journal-of-endocrinology-and-diabetes-mellitus/ Journal of Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus Nil 2310-9971 Pakistan
http://www.synergypublishers.com/journal-of-nephrology-and-urology-research/ Journal of Nephrology and Urology Research Nil 2310-984X Pakistan