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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country  
http://www.rjme.ro Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology 1220-0522 2066-8279 Romania
http://www.theprofesional.com/ The Professional Medical Journal 1024-8919 2071-7733 Pakistan
http://worldwidejournals.com/paripex/ Paripex-Indian Journal of Research 2250-1991 2250-1991 India
http://www.johronline.com/management.html Journal of Harmonized Research in Management NA 2454-5384 INDIA
http://www.johronline.com/medical.html Journal of Harmonized Research in Medical and Health Sciences NA 2395-6046 INDIA
http://www.johronline.com/appliedscience.html Journal of Harmonized Research in Applied Science NA 2321-7456 INDIA
http://www.johronline.com/engineering.html Journal of Harmonized Research in Engineering NA 2347-7393 INDIA
http://www.johronline.com/harmonizedscience.html JOURNAL OF HARMONIZED RESEARCH IN PHARMACY NA 2321-0958 INDIA
http://www.ijghc.com/ International Journal of Green and Herbal Chemistry (IJGHC) nil 2278-3229 India
http://www.jecet.org/ Journal of Environmental science, computer science and engineering & technology (JECET) nil 2278-179X INDIA