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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country  
http://www.mintagejournals.com Mintage Journal of Pharmaceutical & Medical Sciences 2320-3315 2320-3315 India
http://irss.academyirmbr.com/journalmain.php International Review of Social Sciences (IRSS) 2309-0081 2309-0081 Pakistan
http://irbas.academyirmbr.com/journalmain.php International Review of Basic and Applied Sciences (IRBAS) 2308-7056 2308-7056 Pakistan
http://www.irmbrjournal.com/ International Review of Management and Business Research 2307-5953 2306-9007 Pakistan
http://smithandfranklin.com/journal/Sarhad-Journal-of-Agriculture/14 Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 1016-4383 2224-5383 UK
http://smithandfranklin.com/journal-details/british-journal-of-virology/6/archive British Journal of Virology 2055-6128 2055-6128 UK
http://www.metaljournal.com.ua MetalJournal ISSN 2076-0507 ISSN 2310-306X Ukraine
http://journal.npaa.in/ International Journal of Therapeutic Applications 2320-138X India
http://www.iaimjournal.com International Archives of Integrated Medicine 2394-0026 2394-0034 India
http://jhsss.sums.ac.ir/index.php/jhsss Journal of Health Sciences and Surveillance System 2345-2218 2345-3893 Iran