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Journal Website Journal Name Print ISSN Online ISSN (Optional) Country Journal Of Engineering And Computer Innovations 2141-6508 2141-6508 Nigeria Journal Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering Research 1993-8225 1993-8225 Nigeria Journal Of Civil Engineering And Construction Technology 2141-2634 2141-2634 Nigeria Journal Of Chemical Engineering And Materials Science 2141-6605 2141-6605 Nigeria International Journal Of Water Resources And Environmental Engineering 2141-6613 2141-6613 Nigeria International Journal Of Computer Engineering Research 2141-6494 2141-6494 Nigeria International NGO Journal 1993-8225 1993-8225 Nigeria International Journal Of Peace And Development Studies 2141-6621 2141-6621 Nigeria Journal Of Law And Conflict Resolution 2006-9804 2006-9804 Nigeria Journal Of Public Administration And Policy Research 2141-2480 2141-2480 Nigeria


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